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Howdy Dr Wong,

Zymessance: i had no idea what to expect but the idea of cleaning veins and arteries @ 42 seemed like sound preventitive maintence.

I noticed within a week that my hands were starting 2 hurt. I quickly realized I had been grabbing the steering wheel of my truck (I'm a truck driver)very tightly and with increased circulation to my fingers I had to lighten my grip. Within a couple weeks I noticed and increased range of flexibility as well.On top of all that, I've always had poor veins to begin with but after 2 months I went to get a routine blood test and for the first time in 20 years the nurse hit the vein on the first try! I also couldn't believe all the blood that spurted out(as opposed to seeping out). Idid'nt realize normal blood is that light and not dark and globby!



I have been using systemic enzymes ([product name removed]) for 2 months now after I heard your CD lecture from 2007 about them. ALL PAIN IS NOW GONE! Of course you were talking about regular [product name removed] and not the [..] formulation. I have scar tissue in my back from multiple operations and after listening to your story about your wifes cesarean operation and the scar tissue, I decided to try it. Well I have to say it has helped me significantly. I am 54 years old and people that know me think I am on drugs like speed or the like. THANK YOU, THANKYOU. I also spoke to your wife Thursday 7/16/09 about the Zymessence and asked which would be better/stronger for me etc. She is a pleasure to speak to. She could only tell me that you are taking 3 as opposed to the 20+ [product name removed] you were taking in 2007. She explained that due to possible legal problems she could not say they were better or stronger. So she advised me to get a bottle and see for myself (just so happens I had already ordered it). I was taking 4 [product name removed], morning and afternoon about 2:30 to 4PM when I would feel myself wearing down. The Zymessence arrived in the afternoon on that same Thursday I spoke to Michelle, so I decided to take 1 instead of the 4 [product name removed], I had been taking in the afternoon. WOW! It was amazing, as the 1 pill had more effect on me than the 4 [product name removed]. So the next day I took one Zymessence in the morning and did not even think about taking another until 7PM. I think I could get by with 2. So Today, Saturday, I wanted to test myself and take 6 [product name removed] to compare to yesterday. Well, Frankly there is no comparison. 1 of yours is better than 6 [product name removed], period. I still have 1.25 boxes of the [product name removed] and I am returning 1 box if I can. I am a Zymessence user for life. I also picked up your daily essence, Andrive, zinc citrate and magnesium citrate, your Andeanessence formula is out of stock so I am waiting for it. Keep up the good, no,, great work! I can not thank you enough for giving me my mobility and regular life back plus extra energy that I haven't had since I was 29! I now have those big ideas again that you spoke about and I think of the future now instead of how to just get through today with pain. I have lived on many different pain pills per day over the last 9 years never missing a day of taking at least one, but I have not had even one pain pill for the last 2 months. Actually I have not taken any drugs in the last 2 months. Systemic enzymes have taken away my reflux, sinus issues and a few other problems I had prescriptions for. I can never ever thank you enough. So I will just purchase your products forever. I also recently found your podcast website and have been catching up, listening to them all. I am 2 years behind. There is no place that states where to put the Andrive cream so I was putting it on my shoulders. Can/should I put it on my face for a youthful appearance or does it matter? I think if I had found this information years ago I could have avoided multiple back operations as well. May you and yours be healthy, wealthy, happy and wise all of your days.

Your Extremely Grateful Patient,

Angelo S., Pa.

Dr. Wong:

Excellent product, I notice increased strength, quicker
reaction time, need for less sleep, and pain from
injuries are almost completely gone, all within 3 weeks.

Art M.

Hi Dr. Wong,

Just as a short introduction, I heard about systemic enzymes a while back. I tried several brands, taking the amount recommended on the label. As I have recently heard you say, "if you don't feel it working...." They didn't. I wasn't ready to give up. Eventually, I came across [product name removed], the raving reports, and what turned out to be your guidance for finding the activation dose. Wow! I was taking 5 to 10 at least three times a day, but they were working. I was going through a 450 capsule bottle in less than a month. I since discovered your web pages, your audios and articles, and Zymessence. I had to try Zymessence. Sure enough, 1 caplet, three times a day is more effective than the [product name removed]. I've switched from one very good product to one very much better.



very respectfully,
Rob T., NZ

I have a recent Zymessence success story I would like to share. I was diagnosed with a painful condition known as “frozen shoulder” not too long ago. Anyone reading the medical literature on frozen shoulder will discover that without treatment it normally takes 18 months to resolve on its own, if it resolves at all.

Normally a painful course of physical therapy is required for a number of months in order to help break up the adhesive tissue that is keeping the shoulder immobilized. Sometimes even that does not work, and the person must have a hospital procedure where they are anaesthetized and the arm is yanked straight upwards so the adhesive tissue is literally ripped to shreds. OUCH! And this procedure carries some risk for other injuries to the muscles and tendons in that area.

Well, from start to finish, my case of frozen shoulder resolved itself in only FOUR months – WITHOUT physical therapy or the hospital procedure.

During that whole time, I was taking Zymessence. Thank you, Dr. Wong.

Paul L.
Morrisville, PA

Even my 13 yr old dog is benefiting from zymessence! He acts like he is 5 again!


I just wanted to say Thank You to Dr. Wong for creating Zymessence. This is such a wonderful product, I never want to be without it. After spending 4 years taking 24 (product name removed), I now only need to take 2 to 2-1/2 Zymessence caplets per day for my rhumatoid arthritis and I feel wonderful! Keep up the good work, Dr. Wong! We need you!


Hi Dr Wong i just wanted to tell you i have learned so much from your podcasts and i have told some friends about you and they have benafitted from your Zymessence also.I was going to MD after MD and MD and none of them helped me at all with my badly sprained back muscle then i found your CD on enzymes long story short my back is 95% now thank you so much. I thought my life was over at 39 now i can work 60 hours a week without pain.I think you are a good person and God will reward you for your kindness i pray for you to keep speading the truth and exsposing the lies around us.


Zymessence is a God Send! After the first few days, my feet were just buzzing from the increased blood flow to them. Thank you!


I have just placed my second order of Zymessence. Thank you, Doc! These enzymes are awesome! I had been on another brand for over a year, with decent results, but after about 4 days on Zymessence, I noticed a HUGE surge in energy. I am a massage therapist, so I need a lot of energy. Lucky for you, I have a BIG mouth, because I am spreading the word! I know there is a backorder situation, but that is good news. Thank you for the great product!


Dear Dr. Wong,

I just wanted to thank you for coming up with this amazing product.

I've been battling fibroid tumors for quite a while now and refuse to give up my uterus.
Last year, it got really bad with crippling pain, and my husband found (product name removed) for me.
I took 24 a day for as long I could stand it, and did have success with it.

But, like you, I just couldn't keep up the dosage, and eating became so difficult, since
I had to take them on an empty stomach...well, I guess you know how it is.

It got bad again a couple of months ago, and you had sent an email to my husband,
informing him of Zymessence.

I've been taking 6 a day, and felt an almost immediate difference. Now, it's a few weeks later,
and I almost have my life back.

I have whole days pain free now, I can hardly believe it. I feel like a young girl (Im 51)

I went for a 2 mile swim in the ocean yesterday, with my husband - we could hardly believe it.
You'll be on my honor list forever...lol

God Bless YOU...you're an angel on earth.

Thank you with all my heart!!


I am using zymessence and WOW I have not felt this good in years! Amazing, I have fibromyalgia and was miserable, my muscles could not recover from the smallest task. I felt the difference immediately, I could feel something breaking down in my muscles and about an hour later my range of motion increased significantly. I could go on and on with stories...but mostly I want to thank you :)


Howdy Doc,
I've started & am feeling already better. My lungs feel clearer & some old injuries & blocks are dissolving too.

Hope to see some results on my fibroid soon too.

It was amazing with the first pill, was like wave after wave going through the body & could feel the blood flowing all over & in my brain. Maybe because I had lemon sorbet with fresh strawberries few hours before that !!

If I understand what you have written correctly there should not be any adverse side-effects, that alone make me feel very positive. Thanks for creating such a great concoction, doc.

Best vibes from the UK,
Be very well & know that you are blessed,
Barb. T. : ))

Hi Michelle, (doc)

How are you all doing?

Zymessence is totally excellent. I do yoga regularly and can sincerely tell the difference with more flexibility in
Neck, shoulders etc. really a great product.

Patrick T.

Dr. Wong and Michele,

Wanted to lay some thanks on you again for creating Zymessence. This is the first day for me that I've been on it for longer than 24 hours and I am having my mind - and body - blown!

My first try was when I was still a little weak from enduring my total digestive/organ breakdown a couple weeks ago, yet my experience of just 1 tablet was amazing, as it pushed so much fecal matter through me.... effortlessly. Today, I began my "real" start of Zymessence, taking 1 tablet yesterday late afternoon, 1 tablet on arising, and 1 around 2 PM.

First off, this AM's eliminations, were again, astounding! Even better than my previous trial couple weeks ago. The freedom I felt in my intestines following two large eliminations has never been experienced before.... even with high doses of (product name removed) over the past 10 years.... or even compared to some intense herbal cleanses I've embarked upon over the past 15 years.

Then, just now, I did a yoga session that I have NEVER experienced in my whole life regarding stretching muscles! In dance class, as a 5 year old, I had such limitations in my hips, hamstrings and butt that I was embarrassed to see my peers sliding into splits and other things I don't think there are names for while talking/chewing gum, or whatever... as if their legs were rubber and not attached to them! As a 5 year old that tight, and then getting into serious athletics year after year, I can't imagine how I've survived. Even during a 5-year span from 1995-2000, when I was heavy into yoga, I would still suffer through anything that threatened to stretch my hams, hips and butt. Down Dog was like holding a gun to my head.

So, after the dose of Zymessence above in the past 24 hours, I thank you - thank you - thank you for inventing this product. I just ACTUALLY enjoyed doing Down Dog..... and I could have sat in Pigeon Pose on either hip/butt all night if I had to! Pigeon Pose actually felt good rather than me sweating, breathing intensely and counting the seconds to when I could get out of it. What a difference!

THANK YOU both, for your mere existence on this planet! You make it worth living in!


Hi Michele,
I received the Zymessence on Wednesday August 13, 2008. I am so excited to report to you that I know this product is for real just after using it for one day. It has given me more symptom "relief" than (product name removed) has given me in 4 months. I will support Dr. Wong and will try to get as many people on this product as possible and hopefully it will reverse any loss time that the (product name removed) has caused. It is not always a numbers game especially when dealing with people’s health and lives. I have forgotten but now I remember how a systemic enzyme is suppose to work when using it. That last real experience was when we started with the regular (product name removed). Your husband is to be commended for his genuine care and concern of people and for his courage to put a viable product out there for people to benefit from.......
G. Z.
New Jersey

Boy, that Zymessence is marvelous! You can really feel the difference on them.

John F

One Zymessence really does BIG business. We remain amazed with the wonderful efficiency of Zymessence, as do my clients! Wonderful praise reports!!! Over the years, I guess we just learn to live with all the little aches and pains we accumulate. But since we've started using Zymessence, all those little aches and pains have disappeared.


Zymessence is WONDERFUL.

We continue to thrive on it!

With Appreciation and Great Respect,


Hi Doc,

Hope you are well.

I just thought I'd share a story relevant to your above products. As you know I've been taking your Zymessence & Stabilized Oxygen for a while. Recently I cut myself shaving & it was bleeding for quite a while (I know that Zymessence will keep the blood super slick).Eventually the cut stopped bleeding in an instant & it was as if there had never been a cut there!No scab forming or any sign of a cut!

Are the enzymes that good at helping you heal.....?

I've enjoyed listening to your recent podcasts & in particular the references you make to your exciting new products.

Take Care

Great Britain

Being in my early 90's, knee pain is just something I have come to expect everyday. But climbing stairs has become ever so much more difficult these last few years. Thank you Dr. Wong for your super new enzyme, Zymessence. I take 1 caplet every day and can manage the stairs in my 3 story brownstone without any more difficulty! I cannot express my amazement enough.

Dr. H.G.
New York

my mom got me a few bottles and i passed it to my buddy, big tennis player 39 yrs old....
my lipoma next to my neck is also shrinking...i take 5 a day...

thanks doc

all the best

Zymessence....I am a believer. Seriously. I was more on the ball this week and took it quite regularly the past couple of days. I played a bit of tennis on Friday and then 3 hours yesterday. Normally, my back would be way stiff by this morning. But I'm feeling fine...better than fine. It may be because of the anti inflammatory benefits from zymessence, I bet. Plus it eats up the old scar tissue.

...... I'm doing one but I think I should do more.

Tks for the recommendation!


Just wanted to put in a good word for Zymessence. I've used other big name systemic enzyme products but I've definitely noticed better results with Zymessence. If I happen to have any general muscle aches or pains, they clear up pretty quickly after taking a dose of Zymessence. I didn't experience such a fast response with the other brands.

Paul L.
Morrisville, PA

Dr. Wong, I have been experiencing tremendous pain across my shoulders for over a year. Not even naproxen was helping. I couldn't sleep at night and just basic daily tasks were very debilitating. In fact, the only way I could get enough relief to get any sleep at all was to use hot compresses every night. After receiving my first bottle of Zymessence, I began taking 1 caplet every evening before bed. Within just a few days, all my pain was gone. In fact, it was so wonderful that I completely forgot I even had the pain at all! No more hot compresses for me and I get a great night of pain-free sleep.

North Carolina

Dear William and wonderful Team,

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I am absolutely stoked! Forget your systemic enzymes being the best....they are pure magic to boot!

I received my shipment of Zymessence systemic enzymes on Monday this week and took my first caplet earlier in the day. I felt a little light-headed within half an hour of taking it but that was okay. I had read enough on your website to understand the nature of individual's reactions to the enzymes plus I have been on the 'old' ....(product name removed).... since July last year. The following day Tuesday (Day 2 of Zymessence), I noticed that my ongoing painful plantar fasciitis in my right foot no longer ached and for the first time in months I didn't wear my orthotics and was actually able to walk around bare-footed without pain for the first time in a year! How fantastic!

I am now going to go straight to my 3 caplets/day today because the results have been outstanding so quickly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I really love your new enzymes. There's nothing else like them for fibrosis. My lungs are clear and are really getting stronger now! And the best part is I only need to take 3 caplets per day! It's wonderful.


I have been using your Zymessence for about 4 weeks now and I am already noticing my spider veins are going away.

Thanks Dr. Wong.


I don't really have anything major that I take systemic enzymes for just morning stiffness. But, I can take one Zymessence every morning when I get up and feel great all day long!


Thank you William! You've done a fantastic job of creating a systemic enzyme that absolutely works instantly! I haven't stopped talking about it and I am a walking testimonial for Zymessence..... I tell them about the heat radiating within my innards, to put it simply. They all want the info when I go on to explain how my plantar fasciitis in my right foot disappeared overnight after taking just one caplet! How fantastic is that??!! Then my frozen right shoulder (I called it my 'chef's shoulder' as I am a passionate domestic chef and the injury was the result of too much stir-frying - I am quite petite and only 5'1/2" so all kitchen benches and stovetops are way too high for me) which has been chronic for the past 5 years suddenly disappeared and now I am firing on nearly all guns! I could go on....where do I stop raving! about the Zymessence?

Yes, I've had two Caesarean sections and countless abdominal procedures such as tubal ligation (back in the mid 80's), suspected ectopic pregnancy hence an investigation into my tubes in my late 20's, appendix procedure at age 4...bowels and digestive problems three years ago due to all these procedures no doubt and now your systemic enzymes and lots of inner heat going on within.

God bless, love your spiritual articles...all of them. You speak like I want to hear it.


Note from Dr. Wong: Some people notice a burning or hot sensation when systemic enzymes begin to "eat away" at scar tissue and other forms of fibrin buildup under the skin or in the abdominal area, as did this customer. Her comments about the various traumatic events her abdomen has gone through explains the scar tissue and fibrin build up the enzymes are working on which is causing the radiating heat she is experiencing.


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