Strength, Persistence and Affordability

Why Zymessence® Systemic Enzymes:
Because You Asked and We Listened!


You asked for a systemic enzyme that was super potent.

The New & Improved Zymessence® capsules are even stronger than the original formulation. More enzymes plus advanced enteric protection equals stronger results!


You asked for a systemic enzyme that did not need to be taken by the handful (not the recommended dose on the label but how many you actually have to take to get good effects, usually: 10 - 60 capsules/tablets a day).

With Zymessence®, you only need to take 2-3 capsules a day!


You asked for a systemic enzyme that was affordable.

With Zymessence®, a 60 day supply will only cost $104.95 at the full suggested retail price!


What Makes Zymessence® Better: It's All in the Mix!

Zymessence® is part of an emerging "new breed" of products in the field of Systemic Enzyme Therapy. It combines the best of both the "Old School" and the "New School" science of proteolytic enzymes (systemic enzymes) to form a super effective and affordable blend.

The "Old School" Systemic Enzymes, blended animal pancreatin (usually a 4X, 6X, 8X or 10X dilution) with fruit enzymes and then added Trypsin and Chymotrypsin extracts (also from Pancreatin) to create a wide-ranging and effective action. The drawback is Trypsin and Chymotrypsin are extremely expensive so not a lot is put into each tablet or capsule! The upside to using animal based pancreatin is research and clinical experience show that these enzyme blends last 24 to 36 hours in the body.

The "New School" Systemic Enzymes, blend fruit, vegetable and fermented fungal based enzymes (such as fermented Serrapeptase), to increase the action of their product. As Serrapeptase is substantially stronger than Trypsin or Chymotrypsin, it does in fact increase the effectiveness of these enzyme blends several fold. The drawback is that clinical experience and research both show that these enzyme products only have 4 to 6 hours of action before they leave the body. The upside is Serrapeptase, though stronger, is far less expensive than Chymotrypsin and Trypsin so more can be put into each tablet or capsule!

Zymessence® takes a page from the "Old School":

The Zymessence® blend uses undiluted, full strength animal (porcine) based Pancreatin (with its naturally occurring Trypsin and Chymotrypsin) for its longer lasting effects.

Then Zymessence® takes a page from the "New School":

Zymessence® combines Serrapeptidase (Serrapeptase) with Bromelain and Papain (the usual fruit enzymes) to greatly increase its effectiveness while keeping costs low!

Finally... Zymessence® uses an advanced pharmaceutical "enteric matrix technology":

Common enteric coatings just on the outside of a tablet or capsule are meant to protect the contents against destruction by stomach acid. Most enzymes are very sensitive to acids and are easily destroyed. But mere enteric coatings on the outside can be scratched or pitted just by the tablets knocking around inside their bottle! This allows stomach acid to enter the product and deactivate it before it has a chance to do any good. The advanced pharmaceutical "Enteric Matrix Technology" used in the production of Zymessence® means the entire enzyme blend is protected by an enteric film that runs through every micro-granule within it, thus ensuring greater protection of the enzymes and increased absorption for you!*

Zymessence®, the first and only systemic enzyme blend actually developed by Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD



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