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Frequently Asked Questions:

2/1/2011 Update: Please note the New & Improved Zymessence is in capsule form. References here to a caplet are for the original formulation.
Anti-Inflammatories and Healing

If I am taking Zymessence and I get hurt will the anti-inflamatory effects prevent my body from healing itself through its natural response to inflammation?

50 years of research and clinical experience says absolutely not! Inflammation is very overblown as a initiator or modulator of the healing response. And as any athletic trainer and ER doc knows, inflammation can actually inhibit healing!!! That is why it is sought to slow down and stop the inflammatory response in trauma and post-op.

Every European Olympic team (except one) and nearly every pro-athletic team in Europe is on systemic enzymes. German surgery patients are given systemic enzymes on day zero post-op. Both research and clinical experience shows that being on systemic enzymes speeds healing 6 times faster than without the use of the enzymes. German surgeons visiting here are amazed at how slow US patients heal, and that is due to the lack of systemic enzyme use in US medicine.

To see research on inflammation and systemic enzymes go to www.enzymescience.com.

Chelation and Enzymes

I was considering a series of chelation - oral or iv and wanted to know how your enzymes (which I am taking) and the chelation therapy will respond? is it a good idea? Thanks!

IV chelation works best and fastest. With docs in both Europe and the western US, systemic enzymes are used as a follow up to a chelation treatment to scavenge any arterial plaque material left. The chelation and systemic enzymes are synergistic and with the Zymessence you have the advantage of being able to do such at much lower doses.


I just wanted to call and let you know that my Zymessence order arrived yesterday... thank you. And, you are right, 1 dose does big business. Thank you!

We are so glad you like the new Zymessence. It took a lot of guidance, experience and patience to create but we are extremely happy with the results.

Detox Reactions

Hi, I have been taking your Zymessence for 3 days and have noticed that I am getting light headed and generally do not feel very well. Could it be the enzymes that are causing this?

Yes, it is possible the enzymes are causing these feelings. We tend to notice these types of feelings when the enzymes are causing a detox reaction; where the liver gets rid of its stored toxins. Which means you may also experience headaches and an increase in bowel movements. By adding chlorophyll at 2 tablespoons in a glass of water once or twice daily you can help speed the detox.

We also notice feelings like these from people who suffer from systemic candida infections as enzymes kill yeast on contact. Since the candida usually lives in the intestines, when the enzymes get there (and the favorable pH in the intestines dissolve the enteric matrix) they may begin killing off the yeast buds they come into direct contact with. As the yeast die off, the yeast buds release alcohol and methane gas. The alcohol can make you feel light headed and the methane gas can cause bloating and gassiness.

German clinical experience, with systemic enzyme blends, shows this happens in less than 20% of systemic enzyme users and can last for between 3 days to 3 weeks - depending on the individual and the extent of the toxicity or yeast infection. You may wish to lower your dose to 2 Zymessence caplets per day (1 caplet twice a day) until the detox or candida die-off has completed or lessened enough for you to resume 3 Zymessence caplets per day.

Dosing Questions

Hello, I wanted to check with Dr. Wong to see what dose I can go up to with the Zymessence. I had surgery a few weeks ago and am still in a lot of pain. When I received my order last week, I began taking one caplet three times a day as suggested. After taking just 1 Zymessence, my pain completely goes away but it only seems to last for just a few hours. Can I take more for longer lasting results?

Howdy. If you are experiencing high levels of pain and inflammation then I would suggest taking 2 caplets 3 times a day on an empty stomach. The reason the enzymes are not lasting any longer than a few hours or so is because they are getting all used up very fast taking care of your extensive inflammation. At least you can feel them working and it's exactly how it should be with systemic enzymes! That's fantastic. Once the enzymes have done their job and reduced your inflammation and any other issue (such as scar tissue) that your body may be experiencing then I would recommend going back to 1 caplet 3 times a day as a maintenance dose.

To Whom It May Concern: I am currently taking (***) for HUGE fibroid tumors. I haven’t seen any shrinkage or growth since I started in October. Although, my periods are lighter now with no more golf and tennis ball size clots. Now I see Dr. Wong has his own brand and I am eager to try his. I like the idea of taking fewer pills. My question is how many would I take to equal or surpass the strength of what I am currently taking? I would like to see some shrinkage results........... I would like to try your product, so please let me know how many caplets I will take of Zymessence.

Thank you for your inquiry. We are recommending women take 1 Zymessence caplet 3 times daily for uterine fibroids. This should be enough. However, if you wanted to make sure you are getting enough or if you just want faster results, then you could try taking 4 Zymessence daily: 2 caplets twice a day.

OK, SO WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND AS THE "START" DOSAGE . . . my cousin has never detoxed or anything of the sorts . . . WHAT WOULD BE THE MAX OR FINAL DOSAGE TO WORK UP TO? . . . IN WHAT INCREMENT SHOULD THAT INCREASE BE ACHIEVED? (For instance, I recall with the *****, I believe I may have started out with let's say a 3-4 pills per day & worked up to 15 - 20 pills a day until I felt that the results were achieved . . . then I went down to a 8-10 maintenance dose) HOW WOULD I ADVISE SOMEONE TO TAKE ZYMESSENCE? THANX SO VERY MUCH . . .

Howdy: Since only 20% of folks taking systemic enzymes have a detox reaction, the chances of going through one are slight. I advise folks to use 3 caplets of Zymessence a day from the start but if you want to start gradually you can have your folks start on one a day the first week, two a day the second and work up to 3 a day by the third week. Unless a person is seriously injured somehow there is no need to take more than 3 Zymessence per day.

All the bally hoo about systemic enzymes bringing on a detox reaction (which is really a good thing) and yeast die-offs (another good thing) played up in some anti fibroid websites is just a lot of hype as very few people actually experience them and the ones that do welcome the chance to safely and quickly clear toxins and yeast from the body..........

Dr. Wong on Zymessence

Dr. Wong has endorsed other enzyme products, why did he feel the need to develop his own?

To answer this and similar questions, Dr. Wong wrote an entire article. Please read it at: Dr. Wong's Zymessence™ Letter

Weren't the other enzyme products Dr. Wong endorsed developed by him? Weren't they his formula?

No. Actually, we are not even sure how these "rumors" were started. Zymessence™ is the first and only systemic enzyme blend that Dr. Wong has ever developed.

General Questions

Do I have to take your Zymessence™ caplets at separate times during the day or can I take all 3 of them at the same time?

To maintain a consistent blood and tissue level of enzymes throughout the day, it is best to separate the doses. But, since these enzymes persist in the body for 24 to 36 hours, if needs be they can be taken all at once.

Why is your product so much less expensive than other products?

Part of Dr. Wong's goal was to develop an affordable systemic enzyme product that really worked. And, that's just what he did. Zymessence™ "appears" more affordable primarily because you don't have to take as many caplets per day so one bottle lasts longer and that reduces the cost to the consumer.

Hello - I was trying to see how your product compared to ****** but find it difficult to figure it out. It's almost like I need to have a degree in enzymes just to read the labels. Is there anyway you can help?

It is nearly impossible to compare enzyme products by looking at the label of ingredients. While there are some industry approved units of measure for various enzymes (ie: USP/FCC, GD, MDU, etc) some companies make up their own units of measure. So that means they are the only ones who actually know what's in theirs and it is impossible to determine how that product compares to another. And still other companies focus on milligrams when milligrams don't mean anything when it comes to actual enzyme activity. Other companies word their labels such that you need a double PhD to figure out exactly what it says. So, as you can see, the industry is basically free to list their ingredient count as whatever they want - as long as it's there - and it can be confusing to say the very least. We also need to remember that enzymes can be difficult to work with, meaning their activity can be destroyed before they are even put into their carrier (ie: capsules, tablet, bulk powder or liquid form) - and no matter how you look at the strength of a product like that; dead enzymes aren't going to have any positive works in the body in any quantity.

This is why Dr. Wong loves to say: "The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating". Because the ONLY way to know how an enzyme blend is going to work for you is to actually try it. And, then you can continue to take the one that works best inside your body and gives you the most benefit. Remember, you should be able to feel an enzyme working in just a couple of days (at the most). If you cannot FEEL anything happening then the enzymes aren't working or you are not taking enough and you should keep increasing the amount you are taking until you feel something happening. Or simply try a different blend.

I'm really interested in your super new product Zymessence. Before I purchase your product please would you answer a few questions for me.

I'm a 53 year old active tennis playing guy & my only real health issue is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I've bought a few of your excellent products amongst them Vit E,Armoured Acidophilus,Inulin,Stabilized Oxygen,Libido Lift & last but no means least your excellent Maca Powder.

1.Do you think that Zymessence is a product that would benefit me?
2.Is there an activation dose or do you start off on 3 - 6 capsules a day (on an empty stomach) & continue on that amount?
3.Is the Zymessence intended for permanent uninterrupted use.
4.Is there anything else that I should know about Zymessence?

I have read your comprehensive articles on the product.

Take Care

1) As with any systemic enzyme, yes they reduce intestinal inflammation. For this purpose the enzymes are best used with IBIStrol from www.pharmeast.com. Both the research and the German clinical experience in using systemic enzymes to fight bowel inflammation is that at first the number of bowel movements might increase for 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on the patient. As the inflammation is quenched by the enzymes, the German docs found the number of bowel movements normalized.

2) For the vast majority of the population, 3 Zymessence™ caplets a day is all they will ever need to reduce inflammation (in a way they can feel working) and fight fibrosis. After having taught for a decade of the need to take a lot of systemic enzymes this new development has me now teaching the opposite. And it is a new concept we will all need to re-learn.

3) Zymessence™, like any systemic enzyme, can be taken uninterrupted for life, and should be. To see why please read this article: The Essentials of Life and Wellness

4) There may be initial liver detox reactions with the Zymessence™, as with any systemic enzyme. Aside from that, what holds for the use of other systemic enzymes holds for Zymessence™.

How does Zymessence™ compare to other systemic enzyme blends currently on the market?

Dr. Wong always says: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating. We have so much faith in our Zymessence™, that we encourage you to try any other systemic enzyme on the market at any dose (even 30 to 40 per day) and then try Zymessence™ (at 3 to 6 per day) and see which one works best for you.

It is impossible to predict how any nutritional supplement will work for everyone; we are all different. If you want to know, really know how a product works, you have to actually try it especially when it comes to systemic enzyme blends.

Health Conditions

I ask this question on behalf of my auntie, living in the states who has suffered for years with scleroderma. I have just been fortunate enough to have heard your lecture on systemic enzymes. I am very excited about the prospect of this therapy being of help to my wife and her long standing immune system problem, but I have a gut feeling that it may also help my long suffering Auntie. It is the build up of scar tissue and the possibilty that the condition may be caused by an autoimmune problem that has made me wonder if she could gain some relief from the enzymes.

Do you know anything about this disorder and whether the enzymes would benefit her ?

She is a lovely lady and if there is anything out there to make her life more comfortable the I would love to bring it to her attention.

May I thank you in anticipation of a reply and offer further thanks for the wealth of information that you have made available to all.

It is one thing to want to heal yourself but it is very difficult without people such as yourself, willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

I've personally spoken to two dermatologists in the last few years who've used systemic enzymes successfully against the scleroderma. The enzymes lower the inflammation and most importantly eat away at the fibrin being deposited in and under the skin. My suggestion would be for her to try the Zymessence at 1 caplet taken 3 times a day in between meals. Within one bottle she should be able to tell if it is working and if it is she should continue on the supplement. Folks report a heat or itching or ants crawling on the skin type of sensation as the enzymes are lysing away at fibrin, this is normal and a good sign, while it does not happen with everyone it happens enough to folks with skin fibrosis issues that it deserves mention.

Fibrosis Conditions

Hi Dr. Wong: I just wanted to say Thank You for your new systemic enzyme. I have been struggling for 3 weeks with a clogged salivary gland. My right check looked like I had just had my wisdom teeth extracted. But nothing was working, until I tried Zymessence. I have to admit that I took 4 upon receiving my first bottle and I did experience a bit of a burning hot sensation but within 15 minutes the entire clog was gone and I could actually feel all that fluid drain right down my neck. It was really weird. After being an avid systemic enzyme user for about 8 years, I have never experienced such quick action with a low dose.

You are very welcome. People who are in-tune with their bodies may experience sensations such as the ones you describe. But it is completely normal, you were just feeling the enzymes doing their job. Due to the nature of systemic enzymes, part of their basic function is to clean fibrin and so cleaning out the clog you had in your salivary gland would be expected.

How can I take them?

I've just received my first bottle of the new systemic enzymes. Thank you and Dr. Wong for all you do.
Can I chew it up? It gets stuck with water. Water is dry for me. I know that sounds funky but I'm a weird swallower.
If I can't chew it up (it tastes great), can I drink it with say raw goats milk or juice? Or will that just waste it's time digesting the beverage?

Zymessence is rather versatile, here are a few options for taking them if you are having difficulty swallowing them:

1) It is completely possible and still effective to crush the caplet and mix with applesauce or anything except a protein.
2) Chewing the Zymessence caplets is okay also. I have personally tried chewing them and if you do decide to go that route, I would recommend that they not be completely chewed-up but rather left slightly grainy.
3) Break them into 2 or more pieces.

The enteric matrix used in the manufacturing of Zymessence means that each individual micro-granule of the enzymes are "enteric coated". This helps to protect their enzymic action even if crushed, broken or "chewed". We do not, however, recommend taking any systemic enzyme product (including Zymessence) with any protein.


Hello - I just wanted to ask you: I seem to be coming down with a sinus infection and couldn't breathe through my nose. When I got home, I took 2 of your Zymessence caplets and within 10 minutes I could breathe just fine! Is it really possible this happened from the Zymessence? I've been using systemic enzymes for a while now and have never had results this fast after taking so few.

Yes it is! But, let me first say that we do not normally recommend people take 2 Zymessence at a time as 1 is usually all that needs to be taken at any given time. Remember that Zymessence was designed to be super potent (meaning a lot of enzyme activity) which will reduce the number of caplets that need to be taken every day. Even though Zymessence has only been on the market for 3 weeks, we are getting a lot of similar reports from people - even after just 1 (one) caplet.

If you want to take more Zymessence in the beginning & for a shorter time and then drop to a 3-caplets-a-day-maintenance-dose it is certainly safe to do it that way.


Hi, I wanted to check with Dr. Wong to see what dose I can go up to with the Zymessence. I had surgery a few weeks ago and am still in a lot of pain. When I received my order last week, I began taking one caplet three times a day as suggested. After taking just 1 Zymessence, my pain completely goes away but it only seems to last just a few hours. Can I take more for longer lasting results?

Howdy. If you are experiencing high levels of pain and inflammation then I would suggest taking 2 caplets 3 times a day on an empty stomach. The reason the enzymes are not lasting any longer than a few hours or so is because they are getting all used up very fast taking care of your extensive inflammation. At least you can feel them working and it's exactly how it should be with systemic enzymes! That's fantastic. Once the enzymes have done their job and reduced your inflammation and any other issue (such as scar tissue) that your body may be experiencing then I would recommend going back to 1 caplet 3 times a day as a maintenance dose.


Hello, Just one question regarding your Zymessence™ blend! What animal is your Pancreatin taken from???
Thank you.

Our pancreatin comes from cows and is pharmaceutical grade.

Update 2/11/2011: The New & Improved Zymessence encapsulated product is from pig.


My son is gluten intolerant. Is Zymessence gluten free?

Yes. Zymessence is gluten free. Please note, that we do have full label disclosure on the "Buy Now" page.

Great news! Just one question. You made them in caplet form. Do they absorb as readily as the capsules?

With the enteric matrix, absorption is amazing and there is no protein from a veggie cap or gel cap to use up any of the enzymes.

So the body will have to have a certain level of ph in order for the animal enzymes to work effectively, yes?

The only pH level you "need" is the normal over 7 pH of the intestines so the enteric matrix will be dissolved. The Germans have found that even in cancer patients, whose pH is on average 4.3, the animal enzymes are still active; even though their preferred range of action is above 6.5. What we have to protect the enzymes from is the 2 pH of the acid in the stomach and the enteric matrix of the Zymessence does this very well.

Long Term Enzyme Use

Can taking Enzymes for a long period especialy trypsin and chymotrypsin cause your body to stop production of these enzymes and not start up agian.

Nope. The folks who promote this idea have forgotten their physiology. I even have to remind MD's to open their Gyton's textbook to the section on the exocrine glands and study up. Enzyme production is not part of the endocrine (hormone) system. In the exocrine system i.e. tears, sweat, saliva, digestive juices (acid and enzymes), when the products are put into the body the bodies own production is spared for another day it does not stop. Drinking water does not stop saliva production, showering does not stop perspiration, washing the eyes does not stop tears. Likewise the taking in of enzymes does not stop our own production of them. Any doc insisting on confusing the exocrine with the endocrine system likely got a D in physiology.


Dr Wong, So wonderful to hear about your new Zymessence . After taking gobs of (*****) for years, my last carotid artery screening showed a mild/moderate amount of plaque buildup not affecting blood flow velocities, but I am still concerned that this has never been the case. ............ Will your Zymessence possibly address my plaque problem or would you recommend something else in your "bag of goodies". Perhaps something with natto or does the Zymessence contain natto? Don't recall reading that. Will you be doing training calls on your new product?


By 19 most of the folks in the Western world have a 40% blockage in the arteries, extensive post mortem studies on US troops in both Viet Nam and Korea showed this.

Zymessence was developed to be super strong and I believe that anything a systemic enzyme can do, the Zymessence will do with lower dosage and likely faster action. We've been receiving reports back after just 3 weeks of being on the market, of ONE dose, (ie: the first caplet of Zymessence) making significant "feel-able" differences in inflammation. If it works that well on inflammation, everything else is easy.

I hate the nattokinase and never recommend it due to its ability to overly thin blood, without warning, even at low doses.

Scar Tissue

Hi Dr. Wong, if you could please answer my question about your new Zymessence. I got a bottle as soon as I heard about them and started taking 1 caplet 3 times daily as you recommend. It has been almost 3 weeks now and oddly enough I don't seem to be having trouble with bladder leaks when I sneeze or cough. Does this have anything to do with the enzymes? I don't think I've ever heard of this before. Thank you for your time.

We see this mainly in women who have had C-sections or some other type of abdominal surgery. The surgery causes scar tissue to build up and if it is not controlled or removed then it just keeps growing inside the body and can eventually cover all the internal organs in the abdomen, begin strangulating the organs, and creat dysfunction and pain. If you have ever had surgery, you likely had scar tissue build up on your bladder and urethra somehow causing the leaking. The Zymessence just did what systemic enzymes are designed to: it went in and ate away at the scar tissue that was creating the dysfunction.

I just received a bottle of this product. You indicated in an earlier email that 3 capsules a day for 3-6 months will "lyse" away abdominal scar tissue. Are there symptoms I should recognize that indicate this is happening? I have had problems with small bowel blockage partly due to adhesions from previous surgeries. I hope your product does the trick and appreciate any feedback you can give that will tell me if and when it is working.

Usually most folks won't feel the enzymes working at lysing scar tissue. They will simply and gradually have a lessening and then cessation of their scar tissue involved pain or dysfunction. With subsequent ultrasound or imaging confirming the result. Expect it to take some 3-6 months.

There are folks who can feel the enzymes actually eating away at fibrin; these have all been women, and they have involved everything from breast cysts, uterine fibroids, and plugs in the micro-circulation. They've reported sensations from "ants under the skin", to spot soreness to an ache on cysts. But to date, in my 10 years involvement with systemic enzymes we've yet to have a guy feel the lysing action.

As scar tissue will always want to re-grow where it has already been, I suggest staying on a lower maintenance dose of the enzymes as insurance against the scar tissues return.

Weight Loss

I have been on your systemic enzymes for two weeks now (2 twice/day at this stage) and as you have already read, I am 'burning up' internally and showing great progress in rapid time. Now, I must ask, is it purely 'coincidental' but do the systemic enzymes work towards reducing one's body fat (great for weight reduction) in the process of lysing away fibrin? I am not overweight but am post menopausal so weight loss is always welcomed.

There is lipase in the product so there might be some small percentage of folks who will lost body fat.



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